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Whether you are white, black, old, young, male, or female, you probably have hair in your underarms. Some of us prefer to have it shaved off every time it appears. Others keep growing it and never shave it. Let’s look into why we have armpit hair and how we cope with it.

Armpit hair was here since the beginning of the human race. When exactly that was, is another story. But it doesn’t matter if we want it or not, armpit hair is constantly growing, like any other hair on our body.

Armpit hair theories

Armpit hair posterThere are two main reasons why we have hair in our underarms. The first and probably the main reason is that armpit hair concentrates our pheromones.

Yeah, pheromones cause that smell when we get sweaty. Some people, usually men, have stronger pheromones, hence why their armpits smell really bad. There is a myth that if you shave off your armpit hair you won’t smell so much. Not true, hair itself doesn’t smell. It’s those pheromones that produce the smell, hair is only the means to expedite how they get released out of the body.

The second theory suggests that armpit hair helps to lessen the friction on the skin when we move our arms. I’m not sure how true this is, because I don’t know anyone with shaved armpits who would have problems with friction. However, if you actually shaved off all your armpit hair, you might experience a little discomfort in your armpits, which is caused by the newly shaved hair follicles.

Remove your armpit hair

If you want to remove your armpit hair check out this guide which will show you several ways how to remove your underarm hair.