Female Armpit Hair

Shaving one’s underarm hair came into fashion a long time ago. In 1915, magazine called Harper’s Bazaar featured a model who was wearing a sleeveless evening dress and everyone could see her armpits being shaved. This was as shocking as Elvis twisting his hips in his live concerts.

A long time has passed since then, and today most women shave their underarm hair. For some, it’s a question of hygiene, but in most western countries, it is considered a good habit.

Not everywhere though. You can see many women for instance, in Spain and China, and Asia (as a whole) – with hairy armpits. It all comes down to cultural and personal preferences. People who are raised with no bias on armpit hair, will certainly not see any problems with keeping armpit hair.

Back in 1999, Julia Roberts caused a public shock in the West, when she revealed her armpit hair wearing a sleeveless dress.

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