Removing armpit hair

There are many ways how you can remove your armpit hair. Some techniques remove your hair permanently while others do the job for a few days only (until they grow back). Some of them are expensive, while others cost you nearly nothing. Let’s look at them one by one:

Shaving Underarm with Razor1. Shaving– this is probably the most common way to get rid of your underarm hair. There is not much to be said about it. You would want to shave it with the help of shaving foam or some kind of gel. Otherwise it will hurt. Hair shampoo will do the job too. What are the advantages of this technique? Well, probably the biggest advantage is that it will cost you close to nothing. You’ll need only a razor and some shaving liquid.

What about the disadvantages? You’ll have to do it often. And the more often you shave off the hair, the harder it will get. And the harder it will get, the more irritating it will be for you. Friction in your underarms will increase. You might not realize it when you have the hair on, but 2 – 3 days after you shave it off you will feel the irritation with every little move you make. Try it once and you’ll see if you can bear with it. If you don’t mind the little pinching, then you might want to continue with this technique. After all most people shave their underarm hair with a razor so it can’t be that bad. You’ll get used to it (maybe). Here are some characteristics of a good armpit hair shaver.

2. Waxing– ouuch! Some people can’t bear the pain when hair is pulled off their skin. If you don’t have problems with that, than this is a bit better and longer lasting solution to your armpit hair. Don’t expect any miracles though. Your hair will grow back; it will only take longer.

3. Hair Removal Tool– Another way to get rid of your underarm hair is to purchase a hair removal tool. Most manufacturers claim that their tool will remove the hair permanently and without any pain. However, I suggest reading some readers’ reviews before you buy anything. I find reviews on Amazon for Hair Removal under the product section pretty useful.

4. Cosmetic Studio– this is the costly but most effective way how to get your armpits nicely smooth. Look for a studio near the area where you live. There is a good chance you’ll find one.

Apart from these listed, now there seems to be also another way – Inhibiting hair growth with a topical solution. One of these products is called Stop Grow which is clinically proven to be able to reduce armpit hair, among others. More on Stop Grow.

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